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Avoid Web Shame

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Do you suffer from Web shame? Many small business owners do. Web shame is when you avoid giving out your website address when asked because your website embarrasses you.  Your site no longer represents your vision and when viewed on a mobile device, it is totally useless.  It’s when you find yourself staring at your site and instead of nodding in satisfaction, you look away in horror.

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3 Reasons Why Web Design Is the Domain of Your Entire Company

Your website is the central hub of the digital presence of your company, yet many companies delegate web design to the marketing department, expecting a small, highly specialized group to present the collective capital of the company in a compelling and actionable way.

Without involving other groups, your website will likely be a beautiful interface that doesn’t work for your sales department, fails to deliver the right message or makes it harder for your audience to pass through your sales funnel and offers.

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Create an animated GIF with Gimp

“We didn’t need a special word for interactivity in the same way that we don’t (yet) need a special word for people with only one head.” 
― Douglas Adams

It’s here! Twitter has introduced the ability to share animated GIFs directly from your timeline on as well as iPhone and Android application.  Before, we had to use third party apps to share GIFs, I personally used to use Giphy (which I still love!) but know, we can just share them directly from out timeline without taking that extra step.

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Website planning and storytelling

Planning your website should not be overwhelming if you approach it from a storytelling point of view.

Thinking of the type of website you want to build, you’ll be able to plan what information will be included. List the specific type of content that you have to work with, be very specific!

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