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Discovering a sustainable revenue model

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Has the rising cost of gas had a negative impact on your business’ profits? Have you realized with dismay that your market has become overrun (and your profits been dashed) by copycat competitors? Or have you had the bewildering realization that your business is growing faster than you’re able to support it?

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Discovering the internal factors that impact your business

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When the economy takes a nosedive, you may discover that your wildly popular cafe transforms into a lonely hole in the wall. If your brilliant app gets knocked off the app store’s featured list because fans have moved on to the next best thing, your startup will feel the loss financially. And if your competition decides to drastically undercut your prices, there’s not much you can do to change their game plan.

These are all external factors that exercise a profound influence on the success of your business, and you have little control over any of them.

That’s why it’s critical to capitalize on the internal factors that affect your business, increasing efficiency and productivity while maintaining – or better yet improving – the quality of your services or products.

But where do you begin?

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What creative entrepreneurs gain through the discovery process

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If you have a talent you can capitalize on and a website, you can launch a startup in 10 days or fewer according to internet lore. Don’t believe it? Google “Launch a business in 10 days” and see what crops up.

Easy startups can camouflage future challenges

Through The Fabricant Way and online groups like Being Boss, I’ve been introduced to dozens of creative entrepreneurs who’ve established successful endeavors with nothing more tangible than an idea and a landing page. It’s an inspiring time to be a go-getter, but at times, the ease of starting a business camouflages the challenges that lie ahead.

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What the flexible designer learns from clients

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During my Fabricant Way interview with Matt Dilling of Lite Brite Neon Studio, he said something that struck me as truly profound. He described his clients as “teachers who…help change our view on the medium, change our view on our technique, and change our view of the world around us.”

Do you see your clients as teachers? Do you listen to what they tell you about their unique project and then see how it applies to other situations?

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