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Branded Social Media Graphics in a Box

The Branded Social Media Graphics Box for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

You’ve written a killer blog post, launched an amazing new service
or created a sweet product. But…now what?
How do you make sure your message actually gets to the online masses?


You need to stand out from the busy world of social media with an enviable social media presence.



But you knew that, right?

Your problem isn’t knowing what to post, it’s about creating the graphics to post. You know you want graphics for your business, but when you try to create them on your own, you fail. Big time.  You’ve seen the popular graphics that are shared online over and over again and even pop in your timeline after some time because someone new discovered and couldn’t resist to share it.  This is what your brand needs and this is where having a toolbox handy with easy to customize templates and guidelines will allow you not to only create graphics that become viral, but also build a consistent brand and make your audience recognize your from miles away.


What’s in the box?


Everything you need to show up online:

Layered Graphic Social Media Template Files + Guidelines + Instructions


  • Facebook Graphics Includes:

Cover Image, Post image, Blog Updates/promos: image + url,  Inspirational Quotes: background + copy placement

  • Twitter Graphics Includes:

Header image, Post image, blog updates/promos: image + url, Inspirational Quotes

  • Pinterest Graphics Includes:

Blog Updates/promos: image + url, Inspirational Quotes: background + copy placement

  • G+ Graphics Includes:

Cover image, Blog Updates/promos: image + url,  Inspirational Quotes: background + copy placement

  • Instagram Graphics Includes:

Blog Updates/promos: image + url,  Inspirational Quotes: background + copy placement

  • Blog & Social Media Graphics:

Vertical Blog Post update, Sidebar square, Footer horizontal

  • Album/Podcast cover
  • Mailchimp Email Template


The Importance of Branded Social Media Graphics Infographic

Why you should have a social media & digital branding kit for your brand right now:

  • Social conversations have become the new global information currency
  • Present your brand in an irresistible way
  • Engage and interact with your fans in more meaningful way

Share your message the right way to your audience:

You don’t only need to identify and understand your audience, you need to understand their needs and why what you have to offer is the best option out there for them. You want to establish the terms of their relationship with you brand.

If you already have an audience that’s been following your social media channels or are customers of a product or service you’ve been offering, then you should do a few things before taking the step in your business: you’ll want them to engage with the content you share and have them slowly become ambassadors of your brand and make your updates viral.

Amplify your brand message with visuals:

Because branding is now a mix of emotional bond and promise, in addition to the unique qualities that set a certain product or service apart from the others, there is also a need to for your brand to talk to your audience on a personal level and allow them to be part of their evolution and growth.

Design helps you deliver that message in a quick and easy way.  With the amount of information that’s out there floating around social media timelines, you need to give people a reason to stop and share, why?  Because everytime you share your message online and it gets lost in the noise of the web, you’re missing an opportunity to connect with your audience and let the right people find you.


Here’s how it works

Once I receive your confirmation, I’ll share a Pinterest board with you where you will add all the brand elements you have (logo, images, graphics, color palettes) for my reference and a questionnaire.

After I receive all the brand assets and the completed questionnaire, sit and relax.  I’ll be getting in touch with you in 3-5 days with your kit.  I’ll help you implement your new graphics in your social media profiles and your blog so you’re ready to start now!

The Branded Social Media Graphics Box for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

You can truly create social media graphics that represents your brand.

BUY NOW $1,250

I work with a limited number of projects per month letting me craft the best marketing kit for your brand.

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