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Did you remember to brand these items?

You’re ready to launch your new brand. You’re slinging high gloss, bend-resistant business cards like the Annie Oakley of entrepreneurship. You’re penning letters to the editor on your premium linen letterhead. Your website looks so professional you’re already getting resumes from young go-getters ready to board your train to success. Your forms, manuals, and email – not to mention every single social media platform – bear the mark of your brand beautifully.

Even your office is styled in your brand colors, and your elevator door is proudly emblazoned with your logo writ large.

So you’re done, right?

Maybe. It depends on how committed you are to big boss branding. If you stop now, you’re doing just fine. But with a little more effort, you can add branded panache that will wow your prospects and make your competition weep with envy.

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How can I improve my brand strategy?

While your brand represents your business story, if done well it also becomes representative of your audience’s stories. For many Americans, McDonald’s is a fixture of childhood happiness that makes it difficult to disentangle from the brand (even when you know it’s not good for you). It’s too entrenched in memories of kiddie birthday parties and colorful Happy Meals. The golden arches become symbolic of the easy comforts of youth. They become personal triggers.

To have that kind of lasting impact on your market, it’s not enough to choose colors that you like or fonts that are trending. It’s necessary to think carefully about your brand and your audience in order to develop a consistent, compelling brand strategy. How can you improve your brand strategy if it doesn’t seem to be catching on? Read More

Website design: set the stage for your brand’s story

On Broadway and in Hollywood, the true nature of a story emerges on carefully constructed sets. Lighting and artfully engineered backdrops create atmosphere. The subtle scoring that underlies each scene establishes mood. Actors’ actions and reactions, tone and costume, reveal motivations and morals.

By the end of a powerful show, the audience has aligned themselves with the story; they’ve become a part of it. Newly converted advocates go home to tell their family and friends that if they are only going to watch one performance this year, choose this one. Read More

You can’t build a timeless brand without timeless values

Brand identities fall into two main categories: the ones we remember and the ones we don’t.

The difference is sometimes mistakenly attributed to superficial elements like colors, fonts, and asset packages.

We might look at the bright red of Coca-Cola and say, “It’s that unmistakable red. It really catches the eye.”

Or when explaining the power of Chanel’s brand, we may reference the bold lines of the company’s iconic logo.

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