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How can I improve my brand strategy?

While your brand represents your business story, if done well it also becomes representative of your audience’s stories. For many Americans, McDonald’s is a fixture of childhood happiness that makes it difficult to disentangle from the brand (even when you know it’s not good for you). It’s too entrenched in memories of kiddie birthday parties and colorful Happy Meals. The golden arches become symbolic of the easy comforts of youth. They become personal triggers.

To have that kind of lasting impact on your market, it’s not enough to choose colors that you like or fonts that are trending. It’s necessary to think carefully about your brand and your audience in order to develop a consistent, compelling brand strategy. How can you improve your brand strategy if it doesn’t seem to be catching on? Read More

Use these 6 WordPress plugins to reach your business goals

Whether you’re the owner of a brick-and-mortar chocolate factory in Bushwick or a perfumery in the cloud, your business success depends on two foundational goals: optimizing the operational efficiency of your business and promoting its growth.

When you increase your business’ operational efficiency, you save time and, by extension, money. When you promote your business’ growth, you increase its revenue. Pair those two objectives, and you tackle most entrepreneurs’ number one business goal: improve profitability.

Of course, as your success grows, your time diminishes. That means that those two critical objectives – efficiency and growth – are often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list in favor of more of-the-moment concerns. But letting these goals languish can quickly derail even the most profitable enterprise.

Entrepreneurs who build their websites on WordPress have access to hundreds of plugins that have been developed to address this particular problem. However, we’ve selected one example that helps to automate and maintain each of the time-consuming tasks that promote business growth and improve efficiency. Read More

Business visioning turns struggles into opportunities

How do you know if you’ve done something right?

I have a friend who refuses to attempt a recipe from a cookbook that has no pictures.

“How will I know I did it right if I don’t have something to compare it to?”

Sure, she could taste it, but I understand her concern, especially when we’re talking about a complicated recipe that eats into your Saturday free time. A souffle, say, or homemade croissants.

If she’s going to invest the time and effort, she wants a vision of what she’s working towards. That gorgeous, glossy image of flaky pastries on a delicate china platter provides not only a basis of comparison but something to keep working towards when she’s a couple of hours in and beginning to question her initial exuberance over French delicacies. Read More

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