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5 times visualization can empower entrepreneurs

In 1996, Israeli author and politician Natan Sharansky beat the chess world champion Garry Kasparov. He’d gained his chess expertise during nine years in a Soviet prison, and he did so without the benefit of a chessboard or a partner. Rather, he’d spent those years visualizing himself practicing to oust the standing champion.

Likewise, research has shown that golfers who practice visualization practice more, set higher goals, and have more realistic expectations. Musicians use mental rehearsal to hone skills and prepare for performances, including anticipating challenges.

If visualization can provide so many benefits in so many creative fields, imagine the advantage that entrepreneurs who use imagery techniques can gain. We’ve identified five times when visualization can be used to empower entrepreneurs.

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Welcome spring with an inspired side project

During wintertime, the color drains out of the landscape. We hunker down in our familiar studios and apartments to avoid the bitter cold, effectively cutting ourselves off from novel sights and sounds. It’s dark and drab and a bit depressing.

It’s not uncommon for creatives to hibernate during the winter. Even if we don’t choose to hibernate, we may feel as if somehow our creative energies are diminished, as fleeting and unsatisfying as the few hours of sunshine we experience.

We might panic, feeling as though we’ve lost our creative drive forever. Or attempt feverishly to stoke some sort of inspired pursuit that just doesn’t seem to thrive in the stark, freezing weather.

And that’s ok. It’s ok to use the winter to rest. Creativity takes effort and energy. It can be exhausting. And winter offers respite. An excuse to stay tucked into bed reading or watching old films under a blanket on the sofa.

But spring is peeking out from under the dark debris of winter now in the form of hardy yellow daffodils. It’s waving its cherry blossom pompons in celebration. It’s spilling out onto the sidewalks where street vendors are displaying their braided bracelets and gemstone rings.

You’ve probably felt it stirring your imagination. New ideas are bubbling to the surface. Fresh excitement over artistic possibilities. In short, if winter is the perfect time to give your creativity a break, spring is the ideal season for exploring new creative side projects. Read More

Use design thinking to improve your business

You are a designer.

I can hear some protests now. You might argue that you’re not a designer. You’re a baker or a marketer or the owner of a small retail shop.

After all, design is something professional designers do. Engineers. Inventors. Architects.

Nevertheless, you are a designer. Read More

5 fun ways entrepreneurs can get back into creative genius mode

It’s an exhilarating thought to wake every day and recognize that you will define the work that you do that day, that you are in control of your destiny, that you can impact your community directly through your decisions. You can bring solutions to problems and color to dark corners.

As creative entrepreneurs, we have a tremendous amount of potential and power to affect change through our ability to generate divergent ideas and through our power-house industriousness.

Sometimes the industriousness steps all over the idea generation though. We can become so busy with getting things done that we suddenly realize that we’ve run out of creative steam. And nothing is so frightening to someone who relies on creativity for her livelihood than believing it has dried up.

The good news is that your fountain of creativity is endless. You just have to prime the pump sometimes, and research has provided some solid clues on how to do that.

Creativity is a very specific way of thinking, and creative geniuses tend to share certain experiences that scientists believe may enhance their divergent thinking skills. Read More

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