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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a system that gives information to any search requests to search engines like Google.

Every search engine will try to give the reader the best option for what they’re looking for, which means that the higher your ranking or position when someone looks for your services, the more traffic you will get.  The results will be a selection of pages that have words and/or titles that provide good information. This way when someone searches for a set of words that are related to your business, your website is considered to be a great resource and will be related to those set of words and show up for the user.

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Social Bookmarking

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There are so many websites out there that it makes it almost impossible to remember all of them and come back.

How many times have we found an interesting article, closed our browser and never ever found it again?  This happens a lot, and sometimes we just add bookmarks to our internet explorers, but the downside is that you don’t have access to those bookmarks from a public computer, or work.  You don’t want to import all your bookmarks from your account to any computer out there…

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Submitting Your Content

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Last time we covered the importance of sharing content and also how creating a system and sometimes automatizing these processes will make things run smoothly, therefore, not taking too much time away from your business.

Another way to obtain traffic and be positioned as a leader in your industry is by submitting your content to other blogs and websites that have a great deal of traffic and loyal readers.

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Automizing your published article to your social media

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Social Media can be scary for some, exiting for others and sometimes, a reason for procrastination and distraction (been there, done that!).  There are many tools online that will help you promote your content along all the different social media platforms (there are too many to do it individually and manually), and reach your audience.

You can publish a blog post and connect it to your Twitter and Facebook, so once it is published, the link will be shared on those platforms.  You can use the image you created for a specific post on Pinterest to attract people to your website, and also share it on instagram!  And I'm just naming a phew …

I like to think that the less time it takes for me to be online in every single platform out there, the more time I will have to share my content effectively and to create great content my readers will want to read. There are popular tools like hootsuite, but I'm also a big fan of IFTTT that works under recipe and can be used for your personal life as well! 


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