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Are your productivity apps wasting time?

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If you’re like most Americans, you could use more time. Between long work weeks, which are still the norm despite Tim Ferriss’ best efforts, family and household responsibilities, sleep, and a wee little smidge of recreation, most of us feel pressed for time.

And so we do what any good modern human does: we seek the elusive app that will make us more productive. We imagine these gizmos as genies who can restore lost time back to us through the magic of modern technology.

However, the opposite is often true.

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Fabulous FREE downloads for better business organization

Design is all about order – glorious order! But there is some truth in the old saying about creative minds being messy minds. After all, whether you’re a designer or baker of whimsical cupcakes, if you’re a creative entrepreneur, your mind is (hopefully) filled to overflowing with a constant stream of brilliant ideas.

So how can a creative mind impose order on that beautiful mess? Here are a few of my favorite free downloads that’ll help you get your brain and your business into well-designed harmony.

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3 clever tools busy designers can’t live without

Achieving success as a designer in a crowded market is enough to make any graphic artist giddy. You’ve put in the time. You’ve earned a reputation for professionalism, skill, and ingenuity. You’ve got more projects lined up than you know what to do with.

Which is the only real drawback to success. And it can be a biggie.

Identifying brilliant ideas and bringing them into the world is one thing. Managing all of the moving parts of a project (or multiple projects) is another thing entirely.

With our tendency towards non-linear thinking, timelines can spiral easily. Our propensity towards losing ourselves in the creative process might lead us to spend more time hunkered down over the drawing board than communicating with clients.

So how can busy designers like you and me keep all the plates spinning? I’ve got a few tools that help me keep projects moving forward fluidly. Read More

Use these 6 WordPress plugins to reach your business goals

Whether you’re the owner of a brick-and-mortar chocolate factory in Bushwick or a perfumery in the cloud, your business success depends on two foundational goals: optimizing the operational efficiency of your business and promoting its growth.

When you increase your business’ operational efficiency, you save time and, by extension, money. When you promote your business’ growth, you increase its revenue. Pair those two objectives, and you tackle most entrepreneurs’ number one business goal: improve profitability.

Of course, as your success grows, your time diminishes. That means that those two critical objectives – efficiency and growth – are often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list in favor of more of-the-moment concerns. But letting these goals languish can quickly derail even the most profitable enterprise.

Entrepreneurs who build their websites on WordPress have access to hundreds of plugins that have been developed to address this particular problem. However, we’ve selected one example that helps to automate and maintain each of the time-consuming tasks that promote business growth and improve efficiency. Read More

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