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About Candelita

Candelita Brand & Design Studio

Candelita is a cross-platform branding & design studio that provides innovative and creative solutions to all of your design needs. We believe in a playful, interactive approach as inspiration for the most memorable results!

We combine the most powerful aspects of research, design and technology to bring you the best in interactive design, visual communication and production. Our creative team hails from across Europe, North and South America. Our influences and aesthetics are a harmonious blend of international influences.


Is your design repelling people or drawing them in?

Right now, you know what your vision is or need help finding it. You know you need to match your business with your design because that’s the key to attracting your dream clients. You need someone to do the work for AND with you so you can save time and stop yourself from stressing out. I know exactly how to help. When you work with me, we will not only make your website beautiful, but create an awesome and consistent brand that will make people realize you’re serious business, not a plug + play put together visual.


I’m Jennifer Dopazo – Design Demystifier + Brand Builder – sometimes developer, other times tinkerer, and full-time maker.


I help business owners attract their dream clients and have them fall in love with them by listening and translating their big vision into an awesome digital experience with a killer + unified brand.

Here’s my story…

I’ve come a long way from the young girl in Venezuela who didn’t even know design could be a career.

I dived into a Visual Communicator Program and graduated in the top of my class. Against all odds, I got accepted into Parsons in NYC, ranked one of the top 5 design schools in the world by Business Insider, graduating 4 years later. I joined 9 other artists in the exclusive New Media Residency in Banff Centre in Canada, mentoring artists.

I’ve spoken, taught and presented at events around the world – including Madrid, Barcelona, Lima, São Paulo, San Jose and New York.

I received an honorary award from the Arts Electronica for my work with the Flossmanuals project. I received an American Graphic Design Award for my work here at Candelita in 2013.

My hunger for knowledge kept pushing me to satisfy all my design curiosities. Through it all, I dabbled, dived, experimented, and WORKED. I coded, computed, woodworked, designed, illustrated, programmed, and digitized. I created sounds designs, interactive designs, 3-D designs, and motion graphics. I’ve taught children how to create interactive plush toys, fashion designers to create interactive garments, and non-tech people to create a website from scratch.

With all the time and work I’ve dedicated to teaching at workshops and speaking at events, I knew Candelita needed to let people experience the magic of collaborative work, play, and experimentation which is why I have my live, traveling labs and online community.

Since I launched Candelita, I’ve worked with The New York Times,, BlackRock, New York Magazine and others.

With all that knowledge under my belt, I bring the expertise. With all of me, I bring FUN and lightness to my work. With all of you, we revolutionize the way your business is seen and how people interact with it.



“At our first meeting, I presented her with a few disparate images that I pulled from stock photography, and a link for excerpts from the book. One week later, she had five different covers, and I loved all of them.”
Lillian Slugocki, Award winning author.

Some of our clients:


mautic is open source marketing automation