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What’s the ROI on your brand’s website design?

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Occasionally clients will tell me that they don’t get any business from their website because their prospects don’t use Google to find them. This is especially true in more industrial enterprises. It may be the case that your target audience doesn’t use a search engine to find your services, but they’ll use your site to measure your company’s trustworthiness among other things.

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Fabulous FREE downloads for better business organization

Design is all about order – glorious order! But there is some truth in the old saying about creative minds being messy minds. After all, whether you’re a designer or baker of whimsical cupcakes, if you’re a creative entrepreneur, your mind is (hopefully) filled to overflowing with a constant stream of brilliant ideas.

So how can a creative mind impose order on that beautiful mess? Here are a few of my favorite free downloads that’ll help you get your brain and your business into well-designed harmony.

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Understanding the genesis of design trends

Where do design trends come from? We designers certainly spark our fair share. And designers, in turn, are influenced by other artists, by entertainers, by fashion and music. We’re influenced by preferences and pop culture.

But the influence goes deeper. When we as people respond to Beyonce’s new video or to Apple’s new iPhone, it’s not only because the music is powerful (though it is) or because the design is beautiful (of course it is). The artists, the entertainers, the fashionistas, the brands have tapped into something that resonates with us. Read More

How can I improve my brand strategy?

While your brand represents your business story, if done well it also becomes representative of your audience’s stories. For many Americans, McDonald’s is a fixture of childhood happiness that makes it difficult to disentangle from the brand (even when you know it’s not good for you). It’s too entrenched in memories of kiddie birthday parties and colorful Happy Meals. The golden arches become symbolic of the easy comforts of youth. They become personal triggers.

To have that kind of lasting impact on your market, it’s not enough to choose colors that you like or fonts that are trending. It’s necessary to think carefully about your brand and your audience in order to develop a consistent, compelling brand strategy. How can you improve your brand strategy if it doesn’t seem to be catching on? Read More

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