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Website design: set the stage for your brand’s story

On Broadway and in Hollywood, the true nature of a story emerges on carefully constructed sets. Lighting and artfully engineered backdrops create atmosphere. The subtle scoring that underlies each scene establishes mood. Actors’ actions and reactions, tone and costume, reveal motivations and morals.

By the end of a powerful show, the audience has aligned themselves with the story; they’ve become a part of it. Newly converted advocates go home to tell their family and friends that if they are only going to watch one performance this year, choose this one. Read More

5 fun ways entrepreneurs can get back into creative genius mode

It’s an exhilarating thought to wake every day and recognize that you will define the work that you do that day, that you are in control of your destiny, that you can impact your community directly through your decisions. You can bring solutions to problems and color to dark corners.

As creative entrepreneurs, we have a tremendous amount of potential and power to affect change through our ability to generate divergent ideas and through our power-house industriousness.

Sometimes the industriousness steps all over the idea generation though. We can become so busy with getting things done that we suddenly realize that we’ve run out of creative steam. And nothing is so frightening to someone who relies on creativity for her livelihood than believing it has dried up.

The good news is that your fountain of creativity is endless. You just have to prime the pump sometimes, and research has provided some solid clues on how to do that.

Creativity is a very specific way of thinking, and creative geniuses tend to share certain experiences that scientists believe may enhance their divergent thinking skills. Read More

Use these 6 WordPress plugins to reach your business goals

Whether you’re the owner of a brick-and-mortar chocolate factory in Bushwick or a perfumery in the cloud, your business success depends on two foundational goals: optimizing the operational efficiency of your business and promoting its growth.

When you increase your business’ operational efficiency, you save time and, by extension, money. When you promote your business’ growth, you increase its revenue. Pair those two objectives, and you tackle most entrepreneurs’ number one business goal: improve profitability.

Of course, as your success grows, your time diminishes. That means that those two critical objectives – efficiency and growth – are often pushed to the bottom of the to-do list in favor of more of-the-moment concerns. But letting these goals languish can quickly derail even the most profitable enterprise.

Entrepreneurs who build their websites on WordPress have access to hundreds of plugins that have been developed to address this particular problem. However, we’ve selected one example that helps to automate and maintain each of the time-consuming tasks that promote business growth and improve efficiency. Read More

The Do-It-Together movement and cross-pollination

I recently had the opportunity to write a blog post for the entrepreneur whisperers at Being Boss, where I shared my thoughts on the evolution of the Do-It-Yourself movement into something much more exciting and sustainable – a Do-It-Together movement.

As creative entrepreneurs have recognized the caveats of doing it all on our own, we’ve done what we do best – brainstorm a better way. By embracing a new paradigm – one that encourages makers and doers to work together towards common business goals, we’ve not only eased the burden of single-handedly covering all the bases, we’ve also gained something invaluable to business success – cross-pollination.

Read More

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