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You can’t build a timeless brand without timeless values

Brand identities fall into two main categories: the ones we remember and the ones we don’t.

The difference is sometimes mistakenly attributed to superficial elements like colors, fonts, and asset packages.

We might look at the bright red of Coca-Cola and say, “It’s that unmistakable red. It really catches the eye.”

Or when explaining the power of Chanel’s brand, we may reference the bold lines of the company’s iconic logo.

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Start drawing today – even if you’re not good at it

Drawing is good for you

In the inky darkness of the caves of Lascaux more than 15,000 years ago, early humans carefully painted sketches of wild animals on the walls using stains from plants and minerals. This was during the last glacial period, when much of northern Europe was still covered in sheets of ice. Food was scarce, and conditions were brutal.

Imagine what life must have been like for these ancestors. And then imagine taking time from what must have been a harsh daily struggle for survival to create pictures on dimly lit rock walls.

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Business visioning turns struggles into opportunities

How do you know if you’ve done something right?

I have a friend who refuses to attempt a recipe from a cookbook that has no pictures.

“How will I know I did it right if I don’t have something to compare it to?”

Sure, she could taste it, but I understand her concern, especially when we’re talking about a complicated recipe that eats into your Saturday free time. A souffle, say, or homemade croissants.

If she’s going to invest the time and effort, she wants a vision of what she’s working towards. That gorgeous, glossy image of flaky pastries on a delicate china platter provides not only a basis of comparison but something to keep working towards when she’s a couple of hours in and beginning to question her initial exuberance over French delicacies. Read More

A transcendent marketing stunt: Van Gogh’s AirBnB listing

More than a marketing stunt

You’ve probably seen the AirBnB listing created by the advertising agency Leo Burnett for a unique Art Institute of Chicago marketing campaign. It’s a live-in work of art.

The apartment in question is in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, and the room is an exquisite recreation of Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Bedroom’. While The Drum calls the feat a “marketing stunt,” I think we can all agree that the effort and craftsmanship committed to this endeavor transcends marketing.

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