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Branding and Design to help your business grow


What sets genuine professionals apart from the rest is the way they craft their brand and website.


Jen helped us create the brand we dreamed of for our restaurant. She walked us through the entire process and worked with us to achieve the brand and materials that represents our business, and connects with our customers.

We – as in you and I – have a lot of design magic to whip up to add that “must have” appeal to your business. You know that beautiful things catch the eye, they get attention, and they get noticed, which gives you those few extra moments to really show the true value of what you and your business do. And in the crazy way of the world today where no one wants to surrender a second, moments DO matter!

That’s why you need to make sure your design is aligned to your business. It’s the sign that lets someone know if they should stay or go. Otherwise, no one will be drawn to who you are or what your business does.

I’m Jennifer Dopazo – Design Demystifier + Brand Builder – sometimes developer, other times tinkerer, and full-time maker.

I help business owners attract their dream clients and have them fall in love with them by listening and translating their big vision into an awesome digital experience with a killer + unified brand.

I’m a bit different from the rest of the creators out there. I don’t just work FOR you. I’ll also be working WITH you! And that means I never abandon you in the process. You’ve got a hand to hold through it all.

So, let me be honest. There’s a very ugly and tacky face to design these days. Wannabes and fakes doing horrible work are hurting the design field. The mistake everyone seems to make is they expect a patch of a logo design or website template will do the trick. That’s like solving a puzzle with pieces from different sets and expecting a masterpiece to unfold. You’ll just keep playing with the pieces and never end up with anything tangible.

Who would you rather have working with: Someone who knows how to use a tool, like Photoshop, or someone who knows what is best for the vision of your business to attract your right people?

My clients include:

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