Learn how effective your current website is via discovery

Learn how effective your current website is via discovery

By Jennifer Dopazo | February 20, 2017

If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store without a list, you know the dangers of making decisions without a roadmap. Generally, you wind up buying yet another can of green beans to add to your dusty canned goods collection while forgetting to pick up the one thing that you really needed. You make an…

What's the ROI on your brand's website design?

What’s the ROI on your brand’s website design?

By Jennifer Dopazo | January 20, 2017

Occasionally clients will tell me that they don’t get any business from their website because their prospects don’t use Google to find them. This is especially true in more industrial enterprises. It may be the case that your target audience doesn’t use a search engine to find your services, but they’ll use your site to…


How a long-lasting relationship with your web designer helps your business

By Jennifer Dopazo | January 6, 2017

Should old acquaintance be forgot,and never brought to mind? Should old acquaintance be forgot, and old lang syne? As the old year drew to a close and a new year began, many of us were clinking together champagne flutes while singing along with the traditional New Year’s melody Auld Lang Syne. The song, written more…


Modern visual storytelling lessons from an ancient expert

By Jennifer Dopazo | July 24, 2016

A lot has changed since Aristotle proposed his six elements of drama. For one thing, people who were once thrilled at any opportunity to distract themselves from the drudgery of everyday life are now bombarded with distractions. So many, in fact, that modern storytellers have less than 9 seconds to captivate their audiences. Given that,…


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