WordPress in Plain English: Custom Post Types

By Jennifer Dopazo | September 25, 2013

WordPress provides different types of content to publish, one of them is known as a post.Lets think of a traditional blog for a second, those that show a list of articles vertically and are ordered by date.  These articles are posts in the WordPress world. There are five post types already setupin your WordPress installation:…


WordPress in Plain English: Plugins and Widgets

By Jennifer Dopazo | September 24, 2013

A Plugin is a tiny program that works hand by hand with your WordPress installation by adding more features and functionality. I like to think of them as little modular accessories that you add seamlessly to your website, adding desired features without getting in the way of the main WordPress installation.  There is a plugin…


WordPress in Plain English: Child Themes

By Jennifer Dopazo | September 23, 2013

WordPress works with themes.  A theme is the one that defines the look, feel and structure of your website, it includes templates of the different type of pages your website can use, the styles of the fonts and colors in which the content will be presented.  It also includes the functionality to it. A Child…


Crafting Websites: Inspiration from the best

By Jennifer Dopazo | September 20, 2013

We are familiar with inspiration boards and vision boards and I'm a great fan of creating quick ones when starting a new project.  I tend to take pieces from different inspiration sources and put them together as a puzzle to see how they might work and find the potential they can bring to a given…


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