How 6 Brooklyn entrepreneurs brought their business ideas to life

By Jennifer Dopazo | August 7, 2016

What do the owners of a boutique lingerie shop, a recycler of reclaimed vinyl, a lending library visionary, a real-life Willy Wonka, and a neon artist have in common? Tweet More than you might think, and the common threads that ran through our interviews with the modern-era fabricants can teach creatives valuable lessons on bringing…


Modern visual storytelling lessons from an ancient expert

By Jennifer Dopazo | July 24, 2016

A lot has changed since Aristotle proposed his six elements of drama. For one thing, people who were once thrilled at any opportunity to distract themselves from the drudgery of everyday life are now bombarded with distractions. So many, in fact, that modern storytellers have less than 9 seconds to captivate their audiences. Given that,…


Fabulous FREE downloads for better business organization

By Jennifer Dopazo | July 17, 2016

Design is all about order – glorious order! But there is some truth in the old saying about creative minds being messy minds. After all, whether you’re a designer or baker of whimsical cupcakes, if you’re a creative entrepreneur, your mind is (hopefully) filled to overflowing with a constant stream of brilliant ideas. So how…


Did you remember to brand these items?

By Jennifer Dopazo | July 10, 2016

You’re ready to launch your new brand. You’re slinging high gloss, bend-resistant business cards like the Annie Oakley of entrepreneurship. You’re penning letters to the editor on your premium linen letterhead. Your website looks so professional you’re already getting resumes from young go-getters ready to board your train to success. Your forms, manuals, and email…


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