Crafting Websites: Get Inspiration from offline sources in addition to online sources

Another great way of getting inspired is to look outside the online world. Design inspiration can come from just about anywhere, think of typography, photography, color palettes, composition, scale and functionality.

When you're looking for inspiration, you need to see things in a different way and from a different perspective.

Look for close-ups, organic and geometric shapes, learn how a structure works and observe how it can be translated into a different medium and to serve a different purpose. A great example of this is how printed mediums have been translated to the web; magazines, newspapers and later to tablets; books. Another great example is museums creating online exhibitions or virtual tours of galleries, giving their visitors a different way to experiment art and be a part of the exhibitions.

When I start a new project, I tend to look everywhere, from packaging to books, from color palettes in the art world to scientific close ups, even to movies and specific era posters.  These help you build your vision or at least to get a better sense of what are you aiming for and how you can use some of these elements in your website (and your brand) to deliver a strong message.


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