Work With Me

Are you ready to make your business all that you know it could be?
I help photographers define their version of success, set goals that they are excited to achieve, get clear on the message they want to share with the world, and - most importantly - break through the obstacles holding them back.


One on One Business Coaching

Using the power of your story is the best way to stand out in your market. Getting clear on what the story is that you want to tell, the parts you want to celebrate, can be tricky on your own. Have you ever wished you had your own personal expert to turn to help answer the questions you have about your business? Together we will work through my Storytelling Sales Strategy program, one on one. Just you & me. Meeting twice a month, you will define your success goals, create your message, prepare your marketing plan to effectively use the internet to reach your ideal clients, set up your prices so that your business is profitable, and learn to sell in a way that is tailored to you for optimal results. I can't wait to dive in and work with you!
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The Life Boss Society

Are you tired of feeling like you don't have a life anymore? Stressing out over your marketing message - your blog posts all seem so boring, and you have no idea what to post on social media to connect with clients? Being a Life Boss is all about creating a business that you love that supports the life that you want to live. This course will help you lay the foundation for your marketing message, one filled with clarity & confidence. You'll have not only a plan for when to post on your blog & social media, but an understanding of what you need to say and why it matters to your future clients. The best part though? You'll have a community of other photographers to help answer questions you might have, support you, and cheer you on. Business doesn't have to be so lonely when you're a member of The Life Boss Society!