You need to get back your time.

If you’re a small business owner, you could be WASTING hours every day that should be spent building your business.

Don’t run into the risk of your business disappearing from the web!

Think about your WordPress website.

When was the last time you had to scroll through tutorials and spend minutes tweaking things just to get it do kind of what you want it to? 

If you’re lucky, the last time you had to do that was last week. But on average, most entrepreneurs and professionals are spending too much time every day working out their tech kinks.

Hours that could be spent doing other building meaningful connections in their niche and brainstorming new business ideas.


Stop updating content on your website, adding another item to your to-do list.

Can we please change the featured vendor carousel on the home page?


As you grow your business your website should reflect your new positioning.

Can we change the featured image on the 'About Us' page?


Let us help you keep your blog updated, just send the content and image, and we’ll take care of it.

Can we you please add next month’s new blog post?


Spend more time focusing on your store and let us take care of the details.

Can we add a new coupon to the store for a seasonal promotion?


Take the time to work on your business and grow.

Can we update the prices of my "Work with me" page.


Focus on your audience while we help you with the overall experience.

Can we create a new Thank You page?


Don’t let those leads go away!

Can we please install our Facebook pixel?


Focus on your audience while we help you with the overall experience.

Can we create a landing page for my upcoming new webinar?


We’ll help you keep your store up to date.

Can you add these new products to our store?


We’ll help you keep your store up to date.

Can we update the store’s inventory?


Let your website become a lead generation tool for your business.

Can we add an intake form for new leads?


Stop trying to figure out which "pop-up" is best, focus on what you’re offering to your audience.

Can we add a new pop-up on this blog post to promote a free downloadable PDF?

And let’s not even get into the fact that most times, they just end up making things worse, like:


X   Being unable to install and update plugins without crashes.

X   All of the posts on their website disappearing.

X   Losing their website after updating their WordPress theme.

X   Uploading items to their store, but making the website slow in the        process.

X   Fixing the issue on their computer, but ruining the website’s  mobile optimization.

Have you ever found yourself in that position? It’s time to break that cycle.

Now, you can get professional WordPress web support without the huge price tag of hiring your own tech team.


You’ll get all the perks of a dedicated in-house tech team, without shucking out big bucks.

Sounds good? It gets better.

We’re the best people to help you because of our experience and track record:

We’re a team of professional developers and designers.

With our base in the US, you don’t have to deal with the language barrier that often comes with other tech teams.

I have 9 years of experience working with clients as their web support, and as a team we’ve been doing this together for close to 3 years.

I didn’t become a “web person” through YouTube, and neither did my team. I have a background in Visual Communication and Branding and a MFA in Design and Technology. My team lead has a degree in Computer S.

Our creative bilingual team hails from across Europe, North and South America. ¡Hablamos Español!

Candelita is a Women Owned Company and it’s Certified as an M/WBE in the State of New York.


On top of all that, our services are a-la-carte, meaning you can cancel at any time. There are no contracts or hidden fees - you choose to stay with us if our service works for you.


Here’s what entrepreneurs and professionals just like you have to say about our services:

I'd like to thank you for being on top of our website protection. That means so much.





So, what exactly do you get with our dedicated website maintenance services?

Unlimited 30 minute tasks

These range from uploading a new blog post after you send us the content, or updating your online store with new products.  (You’ll find examples of tasks at the end of the page!)

Daily backups stored on Amazon S3

Never worry about losing your site again. We are able to roll back your site in case it gets compromised.

Security monitoring

We do regular security checks to ensure that your site is secure and up to date.

Ongoing updates of Core WordPress, Plugins & Theme

When WP Core and plugin updates become available, we’ll make sure your site gets updated, complete with the latest security patches.

In-depth reporting

Weekly reports provide full transparency into updates, uptime, backups, traffic, security and performance.

Access to a Client Dashboard

Where you can see the tasks that were handled that month, and get important data from your website such as analytics and stats.

Monthly consulting calls

We review how you’re doing, let us know about any special promotion coming soon, and other things that we can use to improve the quality of the service we provide to you.

This service is for any business owner who wants to experience exponential growth, and enjoy delegating tasks to professionals so they can spend more of their time doing what really matters.


Can you think of any services that you need help with right now?

If so, don’t wait. Time is money, and every week you spend pushing those items down your to do list puts you further and further from where your business and increases the risk of something happening to your business online.

What are you waiting for?

Subscribe and get things done today.


Up to 15% off yearly plans


for Business Owners


You can cancel any time.


See what’s included

All Software Updated

Daily and Weekly Backups

Priority Email Support

UNLIMITED 30 min Support Tasks per month

WordPress Tutorial Videos

Dashboard Reporting

Monthly Strategy Call


Up to 15% off yearly plans


for Business Owners


You can cancel any time.


See what’s included

All Software Updated

Daily and Weekly Backups

Priority Email Support

UNLIMITED 30 min Support Tasks per month

WordPress Tutorial Videos

Dashboard Reporting

Monthly Strategy Call

Candelita’s Website Maintenance Plans are a recurring subscription.Signing up for any plan means you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.

Have Questions?

AWESOME!  We have answers for you.

Do you offer a report to show what you’ve done each month?

We'll include this information with your monthly report.  You'll also get your own client dashboard where you can check the status of your tickets and updates, as well as other analytics important to your business’ website.

What types of tasks are included?

We can make content updates, theme or stylesheet adjustments, install new plugins, configure forms and much more. From code to general WordPress issues, we'll take care of almost anything that can be done within 30 minutes.

How do we send support requests>

Just send an email to and it will be received in our system. One of our team members will start working on your task and follow up with any questions.

What are your hours and response time?

We strive to complete all tasks within 24 business hours but it usually happens much faster.

What if my task takes more than 30 minutes?

If we estimate a task to take more than 30 minutes, we'll let you know and provide an estimate. You can purchase development and design time in blocks of 5 hours for larger feature requests.

These time blocks are great for businesses needing to add a new sales page, a special offer module, or more complex tasks that require design and development feedback.

Can I use an unlimited support plan to build my site?
Our support plans are for live sites only. If you wish to have a new site developed, please fill out our project inquiry form.
How do you keep my site safe?

Through our partner Sucuri, we provide daily remote and server side security scans. This includes malware removal and full cleanup if your site has been compromised. The WordPress core and plugin updates also protect your site by keeping your software on the latest version. We're constantly monitoring WordPress security alerts and if we find a vulnerable plugin on your site, we update it as soon as the patch is available.

How do strategy calls work?

During the strategy calls we will work together to identify areas of your website and strategy that can be improved, and come up with a list of action items for our team and yours. These consultation calls are reserved for our Reserve and Partner care plan customers.

Can I cancel anytime?

While we would be sad to see you go, we know that financial needs weigh on many decisions and we do not want to lock anyone into a long term contract. Our care plans are paid in advance each month, which allows you to opt out of any future payments and cancel your service at any time.

Do you offer design services as well?

Yes we do!  We have add-ons that you can add to your account at anytime, these include: social media graphics, templates for downloadables and lead magnets,  email marketing, Search Engine Optimization and User Experience reviews and optimization.  If you want to learn more about these add-ons, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Can you be my company’s resource for our online/offline marketing and branding needs?

Yes we can.  Most of our clients have found the benefits of not only having a one shop to manage all their businesses’ brand & marketing needs, but also realized how much time they’ve saved without checking in with several freelancers or contractors.  Because of our experience and the characteristics of our team, we’ve been able to create new packaging, manage on-going social media needs, create email marketing campaigns, create promotional materials for trade shows and pop-up shops and helped our clients launch new product lines.  With Candelita, the sky's the limit.  You’re in the right hands and our experience translates to all mediums: print and digital.