Websites for Humans: I'm Tech-impaired, how am I going to create my own website?

There are plenty of options that will allow you to create a website the DIY way using a few easy steps that will result in a ready to use site within minutes.  Out of the box solutions are not always the best fit for everyone, which is why you might want to be able to understand how the particular system you are using works and how you can customize it to fit your needs.  The learning curve might be steep for those who dare to jump into the code behind the behavior of any website (we are all eager to understand how things work), but before drowning yourself with terms and lines of code you are not familiar with, I want to suggest that you  consider a Content Management System called WordPress.

WordPress is very friendly for non-coders and it provides a famous 5 minute installation. If you follow each step, creating your website will work as expected without pain. Sometimes things get a bit more complicated for more technically advanced aspects of your website  (the beauty of technology!). The idea here is to make things as easy as I can for you, I don’t want to give you any grey hair or frustrations!


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