Websites for Humans: Why do I need a Website?

Think of this, how many times have you walked by a store you loved or met someone that works in an amazing field, walked back home, and looked for their websites–or even better– looked for them online at that exact moment, only to realize that a website for their business does not exist? It’s quite a disappointing feeling as a consumer, and as an owner/entrepreneur, it’s just bad for business.

We need to make it easier for anyone interested in our work to find us. Yes, there’s a lot happening online, but you should be using some of that space to present your work, or your business. The best part is that having an online presence is a great way of reaching out to a broader audience and an opportunity to have a 24/7 storefront always available. Not only will people be able to find you and learn more about you, but potential clients and customers will also be able to send you a quick note and start a conversation. This is it, availability is gold right now! Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes are constantly benefiting from their online presence and the marketing they can generate with it.


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