Custom Websites: Be inspired without copying

Why copying another site won’t work for you

It’s normal to look for inspiration and check what others in your field are doing.  If it’s working for them, it should work for you, right? Hmmm… not all the time.

The thing is that when we are talking about branding and Web Design there are no magic formulas, there are best practices and suggested systems, but the most powerful solution will be the one that better serves the mission and vision of the project you are working on.

I could list reasons why creating an exact clone of your favorite website and adapting it to your business will not work, instead I want to encourage you to look outside of your field and look for inspiration everywhere.

Look for emotions and connection.  Look for the experience and the story each site tells.  Make a list of those features you’d love to use on your site and how you are going to create the content that serves your business and readers in the best way.

Think that each new feature you add, you will need to create content for it and it will reflect on your brand.  I really want you to understand how some features can help your business and others might harm it.  What’s your mission? What’s your vision? What do you want people to feel once they’re on your website?

Think of all the emotions you want to evoke in your visitors. How will this help your brand have a voice and a clear message to deliver?


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