Be Human on Facebook

If we remember back to the original days of Facebook, you can recall that it was simply a way for humans to connect with other humans. Advertisements and company pages weren’t really on the menu back then. Instead the network was more about showing who you were as a person—your likes, your dislikes, photos from your vacation, the music you listened to, your favorite books. We used to bond with each other over similar interests on Facebook, creating groups for inside jokes and interests alike.

The key to success on Facebook? Go back to its roots as a place to share your story.

As a designer, I am always compelled when companies use Facebook in a more intimate way, revealing the human side of their brand instead of using the social media network as another means to promote their products. The behind-the-scenes photos and the honest details of what’s involved in a launch are worth more than a product description in this landscape.

Candelita: Be Human on Facebook - Candelita Branding Inspiration

Sharing the details of a company’s human experience on Facebook paints a picture of what it’s like to BE your brand, not just BUY it. You are suddenly promoting a lifestyle instead of a purchase, and that’s more compelling to people. Why? Because it’s relatable. It’s reminiscent of when an entertainment mag publishes a picture of a Heidi Klum shopping for oranges. “Stars, they’re just like us!” Except, in this case, it’s the personification of an entire company. Your company is no longer faceless and out of reach when you market on Facebook effectively—you become one of us. And when you become one of us, your customers begin to share your message on your behalf, because you’re resonating with them.

The brand Stocksy United, a stock photography company, features their own photographers on their Facebook page, allowing you as a customer to see inside of their company. In essence, they’re treating you like a VIP by revealing information you wouldn’t be able to access anywhere other than their Facebook page, and they’re paying respect to the people that work for them by openly highlighting them in a public forum. They’re acknowledging the talent within their community and inspiring users and potential buyers at the same time. They even go a step further and match their photos and colors to the seasons, creating an entire experience for their followers. And when you use Facebook to create an experience for your followers, your followers spend more time on your page.

Candelita: Be Human on Facebook - Stocksy United Branding Inspiration

Use Facebook to get more clients for your business:

  • Post sneak peeks of the products you’re preparing.
  • Take advantage of the photo feature and show people what goes on in your office.
  • Use the cover photo as a way to promote your latest offering.
  • Remember how the timeline appears in reverse chronological order, with the newest posts first? You can use that to tell a story with back-to-back posts. It gives your readers a reason to stay tuned in to your page.

Candelita: Be Human on Facebook - A Checklist!

Above all, be original and have a clear message on your Facebook page. Don’t share for the sake of sharing.

On Facebook, share with intent.

Share with purpose.

Share with feeling.

Feeling is what social media marketing is all about, after all. Facebook is a place to bring out the human side of your brand. Using the medium from the perspective of a human with a story to tell is going to lead to much more engagement than using the medium as a company with a product to sell.

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