Websites for Humans: You're not alone, there's a community

Just as important as updating your online presence so your visitors come back for more, a tech community behind a tool is as important as this.  Wordpress’ community has many layers that allows the tool to work smoothly, which again, will help you build a successful site.

As you will see later on, your site will be a package built of many different components, these components are constantly checked and updated by the community to provide you a more secure site (you don’t want any malicious hacker to take down your site), and keep things running the way you planned. Even though these updates are simpler and don’t require further code, it’s important to pay attention to the alerts that will be prompted on your dashboard and updated when required.

But this is not the only positive side of it.  Most burning questions have been already answered by the community, and there are lots of resources that you can use to improve your site and give it that extra touch that you want.


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